I have always been waiting

For that one person to take me

To see those sights who steal a piece of your heart

To stand atop a mountain once more

And remember how it is to truly breathe

But I look through pictures from my past

Every mountain I’ve stood atop

Every sight I’ve seen

Although those memories last

The triumphs were accomplished by me

Every person I was simply dragging

Like a chain on my feet

You might say I’m a little bit jaded

But mostly I feel free

I am a child of privilege

Because I have been blessed with two feet

Every step I have climbed

Has simply been done because of me

I am no longer looking for a savior

Or someone to sweep me off my feet

I am searching for a challenger

Someone who wants to see the best in me

A person who wants to share this view

Take each sight as a beauty for two

Not someone to give me anything

Or show me something new

I want to share the amazement

And know that even when I turn away

There will always be you

So once more I stand

Hands raised, and

A person, you could say, anew

The pain I have seen can be somewhat bleak

But I promise to give myself

As the person I have grown to be

Because life can be an ugly thing

When you hold on to your defeats

I am not a masterpiece

I am a box of blood
Summer solstice
Thick as mud
Ill burn your lips
And rot your teeth
They say sweetie and buttercup
But I want to destroy them
Leave the bodies stuffed
I am an animal
Brutish, nasty cannibal
I will kill you slowly
Starting inside
And growing be the pain I impart to your soul, probing
It’s so cold, isn’t it
Wouldnt it make you want to die?
Burn yourself down
Cause in the end its only you
So hide, fight it, push them away.
Dont relate, make fate your bitch.
And never forget you can always say no to that bitch.


plot twist: humanity learns from its history

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Why I didn’t text you back.

⚪ i was actually busy.
⚪ i’m ignoring you.
🔘 i was high and forgot.

I wonder sometimes if you think about me

And I wonder if you wonder and think the same things

Maybe you remember my smile, the orbital pull of my eyes

And then I remind myself of why I left

When you left me empty

Took me for all I was, miles from home, sanctity and solitude are none

Every lie, how easily you left me behind, not the kind of guy you imposed

But when I put it all in your control

You controlled me, left me jaded, a faded version of the better me

and I promised myself never again would I believe it

and I try to think you think the same, but I can’t believe that

Since you still call me when you’re drunk

Give me some kind of sunken feeling

Tell me you miss me, but you still go home to your new girl and her baby

I wonder sometimes if you gave her the same ring you gave me

Maybe it doesn’t fit her fat fingers

But I refuse to let those thoughts linger, I’ve decided this is a battle I’ve won

Without you, my life’s begun, with me, only me, I am my number one

The Millenials

We know how our parents ended up: straight-laced, stubborn, narrow-minded and seemingly unhappy. The Baby Boomers seem to defy anything that remotely inspires creativity and a different view. They ignore what they don’t know and hate what they can’t understand. But we will be different.

We’ll be a culture founded on art, love and music. We won’t be biased against sexual preference, skin color or nationality. We won’t start wars or throw bombs. We won’t kick people out for wearing turbans or living in Palestine. We won’t have half our generation’s marriages end up in divorce.

We will welcome adversity, share spliffs with our brothers and sisters and talk about making the world a better place. Because at the end of the day, we can’t possibly f*ck it up any worse than they did.